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How does it work?

Unlike mechanical instruments, IntraLase technology is uniquely able to program the dimensions of your flap based on what’s best for your eye. Then the IntraLase laser creates your flap from below the surface of the cornea—without ever cutting it. How?

1. IntraLase uses ultrafast pulses of laser light to position microscopic bubbles at a precise depth.

2. The laser light passes harmlessly through your cornea.  Then the laser creating rows of these bubbles just beneath your corneal surface as it moves back and forth across your eye in a uniform plane.

3. Next, the IntraLase laser stacks bubbles around your corneal diameter to create the edges of your flap. These bubbles are stacked at an angle that is individualized to the way your eye is shaped.

4. The process takes only about 30 seconds from start to finish—it’s quiet and it’s comfortable.

5. The flap is gently lifted to allow for the second step of your LASIK treatment. When treatment is complete, the flap easily “locks” back into position and rapidly begins to heal.

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